Chairman Bruce Sauer

Dear Neighbors and Friends:

Welcome to the online headquarters of the Cuba Township Republican Committee.

This website serves as a link for you to connect with our Party, elected officials and upcoming events. Your participation and thoughts are vital to the success of our local Republican Party organization, so feel free to contact me or any of our listed Precinct Committeemen.

Why should you be part of Cuba Township Republicans?  I believe it’s because we share common beliefs and have common goals.  We know and we espouse that America is the most exceptional nation in the world and is unique in world history.  We know that ours is a government dedicated to the rights of the individual rather than the rights of the government. We have a society where the best decisions made on your behalf should be made by you. Such a lifestyle and liberties must be defended and supported.

As Republicans, we believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and service to our communities, doing what’s right rather than what is popular, and standing strong for freedom.  It’s pretty simple.

Perhaps you are a local Republican or someone new to the area, a conservative, an independent or a “Reagan-Democrat”. What ever your political history or involvement, the Cuba Township Republicans are happy to have you join our ranks. By connecting with us, we can continue the great work of small, local government, elect good candidates and celebrate freedom.

Cuba Township Republicans are your neighbors and your friends.  Please contact us, get involved and visit our website regularly.  The rewards of participation will enrich your life.


Bruce Sauer

Chairman – Cuba Township Republicans